Monday, December 12, 2011

Heart Disease In Women: A Common Phenomenon In United States

Coronary heart disease in women has been submissive in nature since a very long time. In fact on an average, women are said to be more prone for getting attacked than men. The delicate system of a human female body proves the above stated fact. Regular health check ups and a proper diet can the way out of coronary Heart disease in women. 

Various medical reports have suggested the strong linkage among the carbohydrates and related heart risk. The major percentage of carbohydrate input is performed by the cheap fast foods that are drawn in maximum amount. This origin not only gives rise to carbohydrates but also cholesterol in an excess amount. Human body is not designed to absorb these excess triglycerides in the underlying body tissue; the only option left is to accumulate in the regions of blood vessel. These decrease the total cross sectional area of a blood vessel thereby the brain whose functioning solely depends on blood supply is primarily affected. As a result, Cholesterol levels need to be maintained for a balanced homeostasis in a human body. 

Cholesterol is said to be actively taking part in the circulatory physiology but there are certain mechanisms that helps to maintain the cholesterol levels in the blood stream. HDL is said to be the carrier of the cholesterol fat through the blood stream and reach them to their specified destination. 

Statins are considered by many novas users to be the best solution for treating cholesterol. But it has been medically proven that statins side effects are noteworthy and causes great destruction to the body build of any organism. Nausea, constipation or weakness is some of the common symptoms of statins side effects that are termed to be devastating in terms of medicine. In place of these harsh chemicals, omega 6 is known as the best alternative that is found in nature. The liver oil of a salmon fish is found to be a rich source and is easily obtainable. Even policosanol is a sweet substitute of statins which is found in sugarcane extracts. It is said to be sold at a price less than that of statins. To a certain extent, the simvastatin side effects like sleeping disorders or immense muscle pain are nullified by this sweet alternative. So as the doctors’ bible says, when there is a disease there will always be a specific treatment, the woman generation will see the dawn of good health.